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We all need a little helpful bit of inspiration every once in a while, especially when it comes to leadership. Female leaders have been taking the world by storm and making massive impacts on how many people see the world around us. Ted Talks are an excellent source of information, entertainment, and they can also help us grow in our positions as leaders. Here are some of the top female leadership Ted Talks who are doing the most to help educate and grow others in their leadership journeys. 

Christiana Figueres 

As an internationally recognized leader, Christiana Figueres is a global leader on climate change. As the Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from 2010-2016, she took on the international climate change negotiations’ responsibility. After the failed Copenhagen conference in 2009, Figueres wanted to help lead the journey to a universally agreed regulatory framework. In her Ted Talk titled, “The Inside Story of the Paris Climate Agreement,” she discusses how the UN tapped her to lead the Paris climate conference. At first, she thought it would be impossible to bring together 195 countries to negotiate climate change; however, she was able to turn her skepticism into optimism and helped the world achieve the most critical climate agreement in history. 

Shonda Rhimes 

As the talented writer behind drama series such as Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away With Murder, writer Shonda Rhimes is responsible for about 70 hours of television entertainment a season. According to Rhimes, “When I am hard at work when I am deep in it, there is no other feeling.” Rhimes calls this feeling: The hum. In her Ted Talk titled, “My Year of Saying Yes to Everything,” Rhymes discusses her muse called The Hum and how it helps her write and what it symbolizes for her. In her younger years, Rhimes grew up in the University Park area in Illinois. The youngest of her six siblings, she is known as the “academic overachiever.” Rhimes furthered her education by receiving her BA from Dartmouth College in English literature and creative writing. After a short time in the advertising world, Rhimes enrolled herself in the Southern California School of Cinematic Arts to learn about writing for television and screen. 

Leila Hoteit 

As a core member of the Boston Consulting Group’s public sector and People & Organization practices, Dr. Leila Hoteit leads the firm’s education and social capital-development work in the middle east. In 2016 Dr. Hoteit was named the Businesswoman of the year at the Arab Women Awards. As a respected expert in the topic of human capital, Hoteit’s talents also lie with the education of women and economic empowerment. Her expansive career spans over 15 years in the management and consultant industries. As part of her assignment, Dr. Hoteit has covered numerous in-depth societal issues that help punctuate the MENA region. In her Ted Talk, “3 Lessons on Success From an Arab Businesswoman,” Hoteit discusses how professional Arab women have to juggle more responsibilities than their male counterparts. She also discusses the cultural rigidity that they seem to encounter more than western women. As she traces her career back to being an engineer and a mother in Abu Dhabi, she shares the lessons she has learned in order to thrive in this modern world.