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Women have been coming into their own over the last several decades, but they still cannot afford to be complacent. Parents, teachers, and mentors need to continue to encourage girls to look past any ideas they have of themselves that were determined by antiquated gender norms. They also need to know that they can be tough, strong leaders while maintaining their femininity.

As such, here are a few ways that you can teach young women in your life to lead with confidence:

1. Teach Her to be Kind 

Women are simply wired to nurture and be acutely attuned to others’ emotions, and sometimes this caretaker instinct keeps them from setting appropriate boundaries with others. Instead, teach girls to be assertive when they must. There is nothing wrong with expressing their opinions, asking for what they need, and standing their ground against unacceptable behaviour. While women get the “bossy” label for doing this, it is nothing more than knowing their value in the world.

2. Encourage Her to be a Risk Taker

Men, from the time, that they are boys, are wired to take risks that women do not. That is why they play rough games like football. Girls are wired to be less reckless and busy themselves with more sensible interests (with exceptions, of course). Because of this, ladies are much less conditioned to be risk-averse than their male counterparts are at the same age. Therefore, in the workplace, men tend to take more chances and are also much more likely to bounce back when a calculated risk fails to pay off. So, encourage girls to participate in things that may seem outside of their comfort zones. It will teach them to be much braver in the long run.

3. Let Her Strive Toward Her Ambitions

Ambition is thought of as a positive trait in young men, however, for a female, that same determination is looked at as a power play to acquire influence just to have it. Of course, nothing can be further from the truth. Let young ladies know that it is commendable to have goals that, if achieved, will make positive differences in the world. And, while many girls may aspire to get to the top of their chosen fields, and that may not happen, we still need to encourage them to harness their strengths and set their sights on aspirations that interest them and that are within their reach.

In conclusion, the young women of today have many opportunities that past generations of women could only dream about. However, we, as mentors, must still guide, nurture, and encourage them to strive for this success.