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The world has changed, making room for women to become strong leaders as well as men. This is a great fact; not only does it inspire young girls to become successful when they are older, but it shows that the closed-mindedness of the past is beginning to fall away.

When we think of strong female leaders, Malala or Oprah come to mind. They have both made impacts on this world, turning it into a better place for men and women. Thankfully, we have more female leaders to look to for inspiration.

Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or simply want to give your daughters heroes, here are more strong women who have made changes in the world.

1- Angela Merkel

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is a very important female leader. She was once chosen as Time’s Person of the Year for her great contributions to society. She fought strong opposition to admit migrants into her country, helping to improve many of their lives.

2- Sonia Gandhi

The wife of the former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia herself entered the political realm when she became President of the Congress in her country. She has been a great advocate for women’s rights, pulling her weight to make India a safer place for women and girls, as well as creating opportunities for them to build their own futures.

3- Theresa May

May was the second female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, after the great Margaret Thatcher. Theresa May’s decisions focused on the people of her country and their welfare. These decisions included leaving the European Union despite strong opposition worldwide. Not everybody agreed with her, but she proved that a woman with a goal need not be influenced by haters.

4- Cristina Kirchner

The second female Prime Minister of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner was also the first to be reelected. She has made great contributions to the welfare of her country as well as other South American nations.

Women can and do hold high positions in politics with steady hands. Read about these inspiring ladies and marvel at how the world has changed for women in the past decades.