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A leadership role comes with many perks: the prestige of the title, potentially your own office, and of course, a relatively sizable salary. Leadership also comes with many critical responsibilities, one of which is continuous and organic growth. As a leader, you need to adapt to new situations, learn new skill sets, and collect more data over time. Here are four ways to grow as a leader:

Unlock New Abilities

Being a leader means being involved in a much broader spectrum of tasks. It entails overseeing various departments, spearheading different projects, and handling data of varied types. To address this multifaceted role, you must continuously develop new skill sets and competencies rather than just sticking with what you already knew when you came into the company.

Learn From Every Experience

If you are not learning from your day-to-day experiences, you will not dive into the role deep enough. Being a leader puts you in an advantageous position to take on new challenges of increasing complexities. When you manage to get a new assignment and out of your usual wheelhouse, deliberately take a mental or physical note of everything you are learning from it.

Learn How to Listen

One of the primary responsibilities of a leader is to be able to listen. Daily, they are passed a massive amount of information, in multiple chunks, from phone calls, business meetings, one-on-one conversations, presentations, and so on. A leader must be able to absorb this information, synthesize it, and then decide how to proceed.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Throwing credit to others is an underrated skill that leaders must possess. Having a team-first mentality is key to forming a solid bond between you and the people you lead. When something is accomplished, regardless of how small the milestone, acknowledge the team or person who made that happen. It’s best to do so during team meetings as this shows everyone that you are a team player and, at the same time, gives the praised employees a confidence boost and some motivation.

Even if you are not yet working in a leadership position, it’s best to start practicing these qualities early. Becoming a leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and deliberate effort to showcase the skills mentioned above.