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For many years leadership has been dominated by men. It has only been in recent years that this has changed, and women are starting to take over this field and striving to be better leaders. Along with this has come a massive driving force of women wanting to empower other women so that they can establish a brighter future for the young girls growing up around them. Like a wildfire, this movement has travelled the world, and we have begun to inspire women to be better versions of themselves and become amazing leaders. 


Women these days are exposed to negativity exceptionally often. With things like magazines and TV that try to hold them to unobtainable standards and they are continually trying to be this and that to make them deemed worthy by society. With this, it has opened a door for men to be able to scrutinize and create negativity surrounding women’s appearances. With the presence of social media, this door is widened, and men and women can freely express opinions that cause more negativity that can cause more and more problems. 

Honesty and Openness 

Sharing stories of positivity and journeys should be embraced. With today’s “cancel culture” many feel that they cannot be their authentic selves and contact like they have to fit themselves into a box that society deems worthy. Reese Witherspoon’s brand Hello Sunshine helps to empower and highlight women through stories, film, written word, audio, and imagery. Along with these empowering stories, there is also an interactive monthly book club that features amazing new female authors. By reading these stories, and taking part in this website, it can give you positive views of how to empower and encourage those around you. 

Leading by Your Example

When you lead by your example, this can often help to empower the young women around you who are deeply influenced by you. When you admire strong women and celebrate the differences and different cultures that they possess you are teaching those young girls that you should embrace those things that make them different and show them that it is ok to be changed and love the skin that they are in. 


You can start running a mentoring program to help encourage your friends, sisters, and the community around you to help inspire and empower them to make a change. This can help make a difference in adults and the young girls that are around them—creating a positive environment to help them talk about their issues and provide positive reinforcement—giving them positive ways to help them raise their self-esteem