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Annette Gillespie


About Annette Gillespie

Annette Gillespie is a seasoned business professional and business development consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. She has amassed over 25 years of experience within the industry, spending time in almost every area of business, including as a practitioner, general manager, and senior executive. 

For the majority of her career, Annette Gillespie has worked with family violence prevention organisations. In her last position, she led Australia’s largest 24/7 state-wide family violence crisis intervention service, which provided assistance, safe accommodation, and support services to over 7,000 women, children, and young people. 

Through helping others reach safety was the organisation’s primary mission, Annette understood that to reach and help more troubled people she would have to lead the company through organisational change. The epidemic nature of family violence corrodes communities and tears apart families. After seeing the impact violence had on people who sought the organisation’s help, Annette vowed to reduce the hand it plays in communities. Over the five years she worked at the company, it grew fifteen times in size, subsequently increasing the number of people they could help exponentially.

While passionate about the outcome and the mission of the companies she’s worked for, Annette Gillespie is equally as passionate about the strategic measures it takes to accomplish the mission. To her, improving business systems is a matter of creative problem solving, a kind of puzzle. While there is usually more than one solution to a problem, the key to success, in her eyes, is finding the solution that best fits the goal. 

Her knowledge and expertise in business have effectively helped the organisations she’s worked with to provide better services to more people. Annette’s work has been acknowledged by the New Zealand Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, who honoured her with the Business Award for Excellence in Charity. What’s more, she has also provided evidence as an expert witness at the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence. 

In addition to helping businesses prosper, Annette Gillespie believes highly in helping others develop both personally and professionally. Over the course of her career, she has helped many people find their way in business. Nothing makes her as excited as someone coming into the industry with limited knowledge and helping them prosper. As a leader and mentor, she loves to help get the best out of people and showing them what they are capable of accomplishing. 

To learn more about Annette Gillespie and her knowledge of leadership development, be sure to check out her blog!